Sunday, May 20, 2012

Counter Intelligence Program

"The technical term is agent provocateur. In our network domain these bad actors are highly trained in masquerading their loyalty using the best technology practices available.

"The covert technique has an extended history, of course. Its long-lived primitives have been documented for centuries. Many centuries."

And the agent provocateur would say something like, "Why do you have to analyze everything? We are tired of it." Those who did not agree with her/his claim of speaking for the group as a whole did not speak up. They were still processing the revelation that there had been this unexpected breach.

"You may also be wondering why much of the log lately has been about the hazards of unknown conflict-of-interests. It is simple. Large numbers have now been exposed because the lights have come up.

"In short, transparency is a many faceted topic. The increasing consequences to those that have counted on obscuration, misdirection and the like, occur as one becoming visible reveals another."

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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