Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Which Part?

"We have ways of dealing with excessive kindness".
"We have to lie, cheat and steal because people are stupid."

"Or not."

"The purpose of our think tank is to obscure this foundational premise in such a way as to confuse people who waste too much time being compassionate. It was working real well until something happened.

"Can anyone here tell me what, 'overreach" means? I am told the concept is related to the noted decline.

"As detailed extensively in this log, it is difficult to 'hear' when making so much sound. Even more so when the sound is intended to obscure, confuse etc. the audience.  It tends to have the same impact on those who are on the sending side trying to understand the impact of the transmissions.

At some point the perpetrators become numb to the utter senseless nature of their mind-control messages. Measuring the audience by what they expect of it rather than a conversation with it.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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