Thursday, May 31, 2012


What's The Point?
"Not the most elegant way to save an online text conversation, but we have captured and safe stored the dialog. It is not easily machine readable or searched."

Relying too much on hearsay to proceed was inefficient at best. The presumed trust did not equal the importance of precision to the task at hand. Separating known from unknown reliably, the largest challenge.

"While our reliance on secrecy is minimal, the element of surprise should not be ignored. Getting a jump on disclosure timing has served the mission well."

"Agreed. It fits well with a principal driven operational plan - even when it is in a constant state of flux." She was repeating what everyone in the room already knew. Her statement just affirmed its importance in the context of the recently discovered infiltration.

"Co-opted privacy concern even hypervigilance,  it is one of our competition's truly potent tactics. Yet it seems that the most cyber secure operation is the IT department of a US based private corporation that is headquartered far from DC."

"We have strong circumstantial evidence that authorities have already interpreted the activity as aiding and abetting. And those authorities are not above suspicion themselves."

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