Saturday, May 26, 2012

Radio Daze

KOOL, Longview

Radio in the beginning was 'The' broadcast medium and all live. So naturally, everything revolved around what was on-the-air at the moment.

As more 'production' contributed to the content, the trend was away from spontaneity. Various parts of the broadcast transitioned to an environment where the elements were created before hand and isolated from each other. Connectivity and therefore spontaneity was sacrificed for precision, realism, production values, etc.

In a dream, the entire sound creation was open, in a single room. Still, designed so the sound of one workstation didn't impinge acoustically on the work at another. Live cameras recorded the process because the sheer joy of the effort was worthy of capture. It too did and would have a wide audience.

"Its radio, everything is geared toward what is being broadcast live, at this very moment."  Impromptu and at the same time well-rehearsed. Like robust living at the edge of now.

They lay looking together upon the live production, bodies close. Shallow moral thunder gathering behind them. Self-serving judgement in the name of a higher power, ever present.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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