Friday, May 18, 2012

Yes, corrupt.

Trust Me
"We can do whatever we want. We're the good guys."

"Who decided that? The 'Real' Americans?"

Who corrupts law enforcement is important to target. Why and how help narrow the field of suspects. The methods of detection are once again catching up. The cyber world speeds up the competition more than it changes it. Many of the same principles apply.

The history of COINTELPRO is one of the very best examples. "The Plant" takes a different form in the modern era but works in much the same way as when it was used against racial miniorities decades ago.

"Does the sheriff really know? Or is it buried and hidden from her/his view in the organization and/or private vendor/contractor?"

"That is why we have the Freedom Of Information Act and other tools, to discover when there is a breach of the public trust. To be effective, one has to have a lead.

"Whistleblowers can provide the information if there is sufficient safety and incentive in coming forward."

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