Thursday, May 24, 2012

Something Will Break?

"Threaten the family, the inconvenient 'moral compass' will follow."

"He predicted violence. It is hard to deny. It is in the air. "

"The protectors of the prescribed domestic order are equipped with the latest weaponry, field tested in foreign lands. Nothing like competition and a ready market to develop the most innovative products (tasers, riot suits, agent orange …)

"Collateral damage in a civil war. How much thought has been given to it in what some claim is the most technologically and economically advanced nation-state?"

Of the many different ways to interpret the three word question, we have focused so far on the concept of something about to become suddenly broken.  Another interpretation is that an opportunity to 'get back in the game' presents itself in a heretofore undiscovered vulnerability in the opposing teams game plan.

"How different are they really? I mean that in the sense that the same change potential has a number of perspectives. Until the singular result manifests (wave collapse in particle physics) much is possible. The magic of now, so-to-speak.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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