Thursday, November 15, 2012


McCullough tells the story of the artist's depression while in Paris and wanting to end it all at a bridge there. And when the long suffering creative had arrived, he looked around at the beautiful city and said, "But I don't want to die." That wonderful narrative voice conveying the most heartfelt descriptions of an artist's dark feeling turned to light seems as a good a platform for a life pivot as any. The stuff of history, well told.

"So when I saw on cell's caller ID who was calling, I knew it was a conversation I wanted to have, for better or for worse (I expected the former.) That conversation lead me here, dear reader. Back to a comfort I had not ever in my lifetime known until just a few years ago.

You see, this person I have known well enough to anticipate different and better. He dares to believe we do have something to say, and more importantly, to do, about our destiny, individually and collectively.

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