Friday, November 30, 2012

Show is over, work begins.

"So, the answer is a different kind of yes. Unexpected."

"The job is not to just win the opportunity. The job is to finish by turning that opportunity into a lasting victory. A sustainable perception of win transcends fads, propaganda and the like. Evergreen so to speak. Fashion celebrates change for its own sake. Meaningful change on a larger scale is different. I think, better. Agree?

"There are those who believe that the right kind of character, at the right time, can change the course of the planet's history. Those folk look to be rolling up their sleeves. Little time left to waste on the futile games of blame. Or for the non-inclusive short-cut agendas masquerading as viable alternatives."

Having only dabbled in the possibilities of empowered mind over last several years, there was only enough time to test against the recently assembled massive data set. Was the identity vector exploration just a rabbit trail? The jury is still out, one guesses.

There is the possibility that said query was inadequately defined for the intended purpose.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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