Thursday, November 8, 2012

Monster of the ID

Is now the time to see what connectivity can do with this fundamental challenge? It has its detractors. Think, "Too Much Information". From the perspective of the network infrastructure, this is not true. But for those for whom it is supposed to serve? Its an open question. Some of the stuff in there is so ugly it should be unspeakable, unknowable, unseeable etc? Who decides and how?

She said with deep sincerity and for good reason, "Never give up." Those that may have fallen on the metaphorical field of battle have not made a contract with darkness. It is for them, the admonition to rise again. And so it shall be. We cannot know now what form the light will take but rest assured it will shine. Meaning as foundation for life.

"Your sentences are incomplete."

"As are some of my thoughts. More or less, up and down as time marches forward. Is it so unusual?"

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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