Thursday, March 14, 2013

Discovering The Plan

"As I recall my path started by interacting with a person I admired who seemed to have the kind of life I wanted to have. She was basically doing what she wanted most of the time. And a large part of that was interacting with people that she could share stuff with.

"She asked me questions about what I liked to do, dwelling on subjects where my answers were somewhat specific about the activity - and at that time she would take copious notes.

"Keep in mind, I had never met her in person though I would recognize her in a heartbeat if the opportunity would arise again.

"In effect it was ad-hoc curriculum development happening in near real-time. The process was so frictionless that re-starting was essentially no big deal. In fact, we began anew on several occasions discovering during the process that guiding assumptions had led the effort astray."

The question, instead of what curriculum can we fit the candidate to, might be what curriculum design can we build for this individual?

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