Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Visualize Now

"The answer seems straight forward, reverse engineer evolution.

ATP Synthase

"Scoping or effective sampling of evolution is, generally speaking, a more formidable task than the action taken on it."

If one assumes for the moment that she/he is the universe for her/his here-and-now, then a snap shot of state is the optimal scope. The downside is that it becomes something far less, immediately because now "moves on".

Or does it? Perhaps it just moves away. Among candidates for measurable starting points, here and now has great appeal. To the degree that point can be experienced substantially by more than one, some magical things can occur.

While turning the foregoing inside out is a fascinating topic unto itself, another wild and subtle ride is right next door, so-to-speak.

And so we have disclosed such in the hundreds of pages that has preceded this one. With the likes of Facebook and Apple, Google and Amazon, Sorkin and Gyatso, Obama and Ban kI Moon et al. working on it, you can feel the electricity in the air if inclined to do so.

To be continued ...

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