Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dot Connecting

Smoother as event quantity increases ...
"Expecting a pattern when there is none. 'The coin has no memory. The probability of another heads after five consecutive heads is still 0.5."

"Yes, I get it. A single human's experience can misguide her/his predictions on important phenomena.

"However, the opportunity to use mildly moderated instinct to modify crowd behavior is our topic, is it not?"

"In large part. That is true."

Reflecting on the lively interaction that morning he had occasion to update the log ...

"Wandering into areas not sanctioned by the authorities is what these 'guys' do. Get over it. Some of the best input came from the lady 'guys' in the room. You might say, the majority gender present were' leaning in'. Not alone in being glad that they attended."

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