Saturday, March 23, 2013


Public Spring
"In the national interest, we will be required to subvert US representative democracy as it has been known and do so anonymously."

Recalling the disconnect between the promise of the technology and the response of the capital community. The virtual non-event was nearly four decades ago.

Sure, the strategic implications were there. First interest was in highly classified intelligence applications. Ostensibly, because price sensitivity was a non-issue.

But what of hidden exclusivity?

"The pattern is far more interesting than the long-ago recollection of the incident employing aspects of it. Identifying operatives in the field has always been a top priority. One could argue that keeping intelligence operations breakthroughs confined, has been and is larger - hence the seeming menagerie."

"If our government relies on private vendors who happen to be organizationally transnational to design and operate critical intelligence infrastructure, we have a problem."

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