Monday, September 12, 2011


"It is certainly descriptive on some level. In any case, I suspect we can use it during the planning phase if not beyond.

"Lets pick up on the capital structure again.  As I recall the US capital gains rate is capped at 15%. Further if shares in this privately traded company can be restricted to transactions between members, the increasing value (as the membership and asset value increase) means what?"

Recall that the quantity 'common' stock has no effect on voting power. One owner, regardless of the number of shares held, has the same voting power of any other owner. Nothing more, nothing less.

Variations on this theme have been proven to be sustainably profitable on a rapidly expanding scale by certain individuals (Jobs, Zuckerberg, Schmidt, Page et. al). Working for their organizations and the ones they spawn are the sustainable jobs of the future. To argue otherwise is simply no longer credible.

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