Thursday, March 22, 2012

About To Tip

"… now resorting to rationalization of physical violence to maintain the oppressive order.  This well could be the strongest sign yet that their fear/terror infrastructure is failing. The old saying was guns versus butter. Maybe the new is something quite different, predation vs. symbiosis."

"What is it about about ophthalmology as a profession?"


The rest of the discussion explored the odd conceptual juxtaposition of a medical speciality and critical international issues driven largely by mass perception. Think, al-Zawahiri, al-Assad, Rand Paul and a certain novice writer's father.

Recalling an after dinner discussion in the '50s when he was just a boy, it was a bit of an epiphany to see the book she brought home. The man who told the story long before it became a groundbreaking book was genuinely fascinated with the pursuit of new and/or hidden knowledge. Since the doctor about vision passed a full ten years before the book was published, he now wondered what was his father's source? And how much emerged from his fascination with early radar?

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