Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dynamic Formula

"An ad-hoc global sub-network based on your open and authentic personal identity. The providers of the resources required profit greatly by seeking high volume in lieu of opinionated investors.

"Widely held and rapidly growing means protection against control from those who have more power and/or possessions than they can responsibly handle. This is true whether the vehicle is attempted hostile ownership, captive customer or other means of manipulation."

Maybe there is more to "my gut tells me". It came to him in a dream. The concept was not dismissed as too wild by the others. It seemed to resonate with the recent research. If serotonin lives there, why not a transmission (or exchange) of life's codes?

The 'coherence' (for lack of a better term) fit the general high-performance tuning pattern. The bit level modulation, conducive to transmission efficiency. Crosstalk between channels, near to theoretical maximums.

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