Thursday, March 29, 2012

Safe House?

"… threatened with physical harm. One could argue of the three incidents recorded and/or witnessed, some of the evidence is circumstantial. The health consequences of a physical confrontation for at least one party are substantial. Not enough is known about either motives or goals of the other participant.

"Seeking asymmetry is the goal of a confrontation strategist. It is unwise to initiate engagement without sufficient odds of success. A defensive configuration requires less disparity of this type in a historically stable society.

"Consider this: One side relies on perception of formidable physical superiority coupled with secrecy. The other openness, transparency and favorable venue. The latter is advantaged considerably in public places known for order and fairness while the former seeks stealth intimidation and public deception."

Their discussion was a bounding of the continuum between the shorter dopamine 'side' and the much longer serotonin 'flip side'. The melding of the two in the middle and what could be learned from studying it, the implicit goal.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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