Thursday, March 1, 2012

News Creators, International

"We create news so you do not have to incur the expense of investigating, researching, reporting etc. Headquartered in our nation's capital, this operation has the most convincing background for any sort of 'neo-journalism' imaginable."

Automated sarcasm. Fascinating. Massive behavioral data as fertile ground for insight patterns. The implications for mapping over several languages, key primitives. Simply brilliant, putting that potential in the hands of everyday users. Spontaneously a mind makes a connection and it is potentially distributed to relevant destinations around the world in about the time that it takes to express it to someone or something with a device 'listening'.

If the user interface master starts a symbiotic relationship with the identity master, what are the implications for the somewhat diminished relationship with the query master?

"That may be the strangest conversation I have ever overheard. It is as if an emergent conscious entity has just learned to speak in the observer's language.

"The roll of fiction is, among other things, to create, and to practice prediction, speculation etc ..."

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