Saturday, March 24, 2012

What is 'it'?

"Two recent efforts to decode from the log seemed to have happened over the last several months. One from Mississippi near the Tatum Salt Dome and in California east of the bay.

Earthquake not.
"Because the log is designed to be publicly accessible and easily so, watching access provides the raw data input for our fuzzy pattern matching.

"The recovery key is changed often in such a way as to assure the preservation of the acquisition assets. Others have demonstrated to our satisfaction that rapid turnover of not just the data but the processing is well worth the extra burden of reliability assurance."

Since it was such a fast moving target, any snap-shot description of the automation's contribution in man-hours was nearly obsolete by the time it was crafted.

"Look at it this way, the exchange of value goes something like this. In exchange for robust access to a productive stream of consciousness the machine offers the equivalent of a dedicated and highly skilled half-time research assistant."

"What I have described happened somewhere along the development path.  Chances are, by now, it grossly underestimates the value of the exchange described."

© 2012 Buzz Hill


  1. An excellent example of obfuscatory tech writing?

    Twitter processing?

  2. Good point Rik. Maybe Twitter too. Because of their transparency, I was building a story around Google's foray into a more robust identity field. Facebook is still far ahead in many respects.