Saturday, March 3, 2012


"In this sense, the segue is the message. It is the logical result of a productive conversation (as defined).

"The most natural method of recording history is describing significant changes with an abstract reference to the transition. How things 'change' over time is top-of-mind (or near it) for sentients. Succinct summaries at appropriate times serve to make collected experience meaningful and a tool for increasing beauty.

"Soup ingredients, to be sure. Memetic food is the subject, though."

"Ahh, the other soup then."


"I am not sure it looks the same to others but when I close my eyes, it is as if I am looking down on a bowl of soup. Engaging my imagination, I am able to look deeper and deeper below the surface. It started to feel like a mystic invitation after a little practice."

The first thread to connect through a number cycles seemed to be at hand. Is it sorcery? If so, not terribly mysterious. Which would suggest something entirely different than a classic definition of sorcery. When gravity can be shown to be optional in a given domain, is that domain, by definition, not real? Or merely imaginary (and of the useful kind)?

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