Saturday, April 28, 2012

Critical Path

Who corrupts and why?
"My prediction, like many disclosed in this log, a lasting private solution to public health care has already begun. Carefully crafted legislation is the enabling piece.

"The critical path is removing corruption nearer its root. Since the convergence piece is located in the District Of Columbia (K street) and nearby, it is a logical place to start.

"Model the conflict-of-Interest network to discover how it can be efficiently deconstructed. Recognize that there is great power behind keeping the otherwise highly dysfunctional system in place. That power's largest vulnerability is exposure. Unfortunately, old media journalism has been nearly crushed by those who benefit from manufactured perception. Its rapidly growing replacement, conversational networks, not nearly so much. Effective exposure will rely on the new channels that have just come and are coming online. It is an exciting time."

What he said next plays well for a certain US demographic in that it has been understood in no uncertain terms for half a century, "... and the beat goes on."

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