Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Steering Inoperative

"The money is in private equity now, not in making peoples lives better. Indicting the framework would not be appropriate. The instance of its use that fits a pattern, might."

"Only educated people are rewarded for breakthrough contributions. The others should be humiliated in order to preserve the proscribed order. Reward the academically proven, little else matters. Because the rest are too stupid to give to the chosen. We will take what we must." The confident tone of the recording had a chilling effect.

As if cued, the dark stranger appeared again, repeating for a second time the provocation that seemed to say, "Go ahead, react. I know what I am doing and expect to succeed."

Though happening in the same public place, done in such a way that either party could refute the other's claim. High stakes chess? Or a prisoner's game? None of the above?

Who benefits from nefarious deniability? How does one de-fuse the situation?

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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