Thursday, April 19, 2012

DC is about DC

Not the spread option in football.
"Allow me to explain. If there is only a paragraph on this post so far, you might find it more of interest if you look at it later. It will have grown by then."

Just yesterday, the Blackwater style tactics of private contractors was discussed at a major university. As private 'intelligence' firms opine in the media, one cannot help but to wonder what the mix of propaganda and unbiased research are in the public feed.

A common misconception about the huge economic success of the District of Columbia is that it results from tax revenue extorted from 'real' Americans. This successful propaganda meme from the usual suspects has just about run its course. One of the few remaining questions is just how long the deception can survive.

"Our log, for years now, has documented authenticity advantages in the identity space. Furthermore, privacy has been co-opted for short term and selfish purposes for the last century - witness the associated trail of tears. Recent technology makes the potential for isolationist destructive forces in society a formidable threat."

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