Saturday, April 14, 2012


"See it from here."
"Inconspicuous as the center-of-attention secret agent she was. Spy craft for the networked age.

"A town near the other coast emerging unexpectedly on the world scene. Its modern history brief. Not crushed by the wind down of its predatory industries as in other locations around the country. Entrenched ownership interests simply did not have the time to take root."

Virtual travel, a game changer. Machine assist matured to a degree that made many traditional ops too expensive and dangerous by contrast.

More fundamental than that, re-purposing assets posed the ultimate question, "Why?" Obsession with fear as a tool of control turned into a drug that blinded folks. It has become its own market, a spiritual quagmire of unprecedented proportions.

To engage in 'intel', much different after the better part of a century had passed. A tragic misnomer considering how little covert operations contribute to sustainable value, the 'intelligent' choice. Yes, Prudence. Spy is a different sort of critter when the streets have been lit and the eyes of the commoner can sore to the heavens.

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