Sunday, April 8, 2012

Game Change

Not hacked yet. Why?
"Your mission appears noble. Your methods, however, seem a bit fanciful. 

"Old style messaging is something the opposition has learned how to dominate. It is their field of play and they have chosen and are choosing its current rules."

The older asymmetric electronic medium prided itself in being ever more immediate and at-the-scene as technology improved. Implicit in doing so was the widely distributed message would therefore suggest authenticity (deserved or not). But the message itself was still largely chosen by 'authorities' or those who would do their bidding.

Projecting the interest of a powerful few cost-effectively can potentially require an international resource scope. Certain religions have expanded beyond the borders and rules of nation-states. Fueled by technology and ancient ties, networks of considerable capability have emerged. Studying them is made difficult because of the value of secrecy to their operators.

Consider the keywords (and key phrases): missionary, anti-communism, strategic energy, right-to-exist, plantation, liberty.

"Have we outsourced oversight? If so, should we re-consider?"

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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