Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cyber Takeover

"Games people play. In this case with the substantial assist of cutting edge computer technology. This may be a bit beyond what Eric Berne had in mind. Perhaps more than a bit. After all, the technology of the TA time was quite primitive by comparison, though the moon shot held out much hope for the future then.

"How much does one see without the specific intention to do so?"

"Less with one's Parent or Child than one's Adult, I suspect.

"Too many adults spoil the game(s) ... that people play.
As we have alluded to on a number occasions here, productive conversations are a sequence of related adult/adult transactions leading to desirable outcomes for one or more of the participants."

Online games and gaming are no doubt one of the most significant trends of modern times. The reliance of profiteers in the Parent-Child aspects of them present a considerable challenge to long term aspirations of sentients. Hiding the strings attached is good to get participation in the contests - it makes the illusion feel more real. But at what cost to the game's context? 

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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