Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hidden So Long

"The trail leads into foreign jurisdictions where gaming our system is critical to certain emerging economies thanks to a handful of not very nice folks. We are fortunate to have discovered tracing methods that are effective in such a hazy realm."

New Tools Available Now
"Co-opted term avoidance coupled with automated abstraction object extraction in the example shown here." She pointed to the large screen. It was clear when she started the time lapse why it worked so well even in the face of well-funded deception.

Cooperating autonomous agents trumps top down management nearly every time. And the few instances when the reverse is the case? Usually after a breakdown in cooperative communication amongst said agents has occurred. When due to complacency, rekindling interaction becomes the critical path. If a large part of the failure was due to the intent of short-term agendas, corruption cleanup may take precedence for awhile.

"There are a handful of outlets practicing strategic communication in the clear as discussed in our log. One can learn a lot from the tremendous progress made since the west coast summit held February of last year."

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