Monday, January 21, 2013

Maker, Taker, Schmaker

"Did the term 'maker vs. taker 'originate with a political aspirant rationalizing selfish entitlement of asset hoarders? It would sure be different than making the case for incentivizing (financial and/or otherwise) those who create shared wealth."

Value Investing
So, we have again backed into another example that points out the hazards of co-opted naming - a major theme of this log. Previous references here to the phrase intended to point out the basic difference between plutocrats and compassionate entrepreneurs investing activity. Think: Is the investment to create shared value for which there will be a reward in the form of profit?

If you have 'earned' a better net worth over time and struggle to understand what I am talking about ask someone like Warren Buffet or Eric Schmidt to clarify. I think you will find, there is a big and important difference between the two.

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