Saturday, January 26, 2013

Monetize what?

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"I am the business end of this company. It is what I am supposed to do."

"Its to nebulous ... generic. The usual suspects will tell us to go away and focus and come back later. We need to understand what it is, what it can be. If that doesn't come first we give it away. And probably to somebody who will spend way too much money fumbling the ball."

"Us as the group's name is a mixed bag. The lower case version, 'us' is a very common word. It is a pronoun that accurately describes in many important respects what the charter intends.

"Just googling 'Us" shows how easily it might be confused with mismatched or unrelated concepts, though."

This was not the first time that a discussion of start-up sequencing began with a difference of opinion as to what (and by implication, who) should lead. No doubt this will lead to yet more how-to books on how to avoid such squabbles. Right.

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