Thursday, January 17, 2013


Investor pundits may still call it 'mobile', but I am suggesting you might look at it in a way that illuminates a big opportunity, not obvious to the usual suspects.

While many things are possible with highly versatile portable and connected devices that travel with their primary user, it all comes together with the network's client node architecture. Further, it is supported with a self correcting global network 'hard wired' to support its only mission, the well being of its iNodes (individually and collectively).

Most of the value added is software/firmware, but that is generally true for many useful new things. Scalable is very often a good thing, and the design is built for that. An elegant primary topology is desirable - check that box too.

"What could possibly go wrong?". Within one second there was a loud thumping noise and the lights went out.

© 2013 Buzz Hill

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