Monday, August 22, 2011

Afflictive Transformation

"As we have been discussing for some time (see log entries to verify), productive conversation visible to the web is one of the best counterbalances to the Deception Machine.

"It is exciting to consider that attempts to increase troll activity with false and multiple personas can actually amplify the positive effects of the reactive countervailing force by drawing sharp and motivated attention to the selfish interests of certain perpetrators. Further, creating better pathways back to the sources of 'bad guys'.

"By now, you have probably discovered what has been disclosed here over the past couple of years, the information to initiate a compassionate response to manipulators is available to anyone with a device connected to the web. Soon you will see a proliferation or organizations that will accelerate the wave."

"The key is to first recognize the potential and soon thereafter suggest it to friends. The rest will take care of itself, organically."

"A few of us will have the joyful experience of putting everything on the line - to save the world."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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