Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vigorously Denied

Though he knew the subject well, to communicate it in familiar abstract terms would take more time than would be prudent.

"What they are denying now - a good place for the novice to start. Why? Asserting misguided claims ... repeating, as necessary. - Deceiver's concern is to remain hidden.

This only makes sense when the deceiver has established a history of successful covert operation supported by disinformation campaigns on a large scale.

One can productively speculate about the scale of an operation by the resources dedicated to sustain a distorted external view. As we know, companies have emerged whose mission is to polish to a preferred image for a price, even in the newest of our interactive media.

Created perception is dynamic art with a long history. One need only look into the historical machinations of the personal ego to see what the foundational elements are. Mapping mind resources to their corollaries in the 'net' is both a design goal and the best integration to-date of said resources.

"Trust your instincts. In this case, they are reliable to an uncanny degree. The organized effort to dissuade your suspicions are starting to backfire on the perpetrators.

"Let me play devil's advocate here. Imagine a leadership agenda as follows:

") Understand and play to the control vulnerabilities of latest  broadcast and interactive communications infrastructure.

") Drive commercial demand for above by stimulating constant turmoil and suggesting that advertising a fiercely competitive view is the the path to resolution.

") Discredit the words and phrases that describe the covert strategy before it is implemented thus trivializing in the public's ey the effort to reverse engineer.

") Use time honored illusions of spectrum of opinion in a narrow window. When caught, sacrifice the extreme to re-establish the illusion's credibility."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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