Saturday, August 6, 2011

Perry Mason

"Are you being blackmailed, sir."

"Why on earth would you suggest such a thing?"

"Just fishing I guess. But you know some of the behavior just doesn't seem to make sense.", he paused realizing there could be other reasonable explanations. But there was not much doubt that a blackmailed person could operate in a way that would evoke such a response.

A basic tenet of the study of modern strategic communication is to consider the context of conscious awareness, both proximate and historical. The consequences of whatever was responsible sure seemed to serve the interests of a relatively small but powerful group all but hidden from public view.

"Words as weapons then? Isn't that a bit desperate?"

In just that one sentence the underlying manipulative pattern came into sharp relief. Paraphrasing the speaker and then advocating in a subsequent 'question'. He paused, knowing that if left unanswered the resulting attempt to coverup would likely be illuminating.

Who wins when the choice is made by a critical mass to not participate? Whoever was on top last, I suspect. Effective tactic. Keeps certain nefarious activity off the radar, so-to-speak. Until the consequences come too close to home again, that is.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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