Monday, August 1, 2011

Chase Continues ...

To transcend nation-states ...
"It bears repeating, the first time you arrive at a given post in this log, it may not be finished."

"So when should I come back?"

"Usually within a day or so."

"Times that try men's souls or some such. What strings are attached to our businesses, governments, churches and the like? To what degree must they override our devotion to each other, one and all, if at all? What should our concept of ownership bestow upon owners? Who decides? I am sorry, the answer, "owners decide" has more than proven to be grotesquely inadequate."

Is it so very hard to admit that something is within each of us that knows a simple, universal truth? And is it so difficult to believe that a little push back and encouragement for others to do likewise will be all it takes to energize a successful organic plan?

"The cynicism crop is not sustainable. It tends to eat its young in prodigious numbers. "Better than nature" is a fools remedy. Waking up from the nightmare is an exercise in taming the untrained ego.

"Pushing back could be as simple as suggesting to a client that specifying in a research study certain things could be construed as more about manipulation than discovery. Hearing too much of one's own echo is an insidious trap."

Turning to the open window and the evening breeze as if receiving wisdom carried by it she remarked, "Conflating brutal-selfish transnationals with capitalism is foolish for those who want a better world. Because it is an obfuscation tactic that cuts off the compassionate from a powerful potential ally."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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