Monday, August 8, 2011

Disruption for Fun and Profit

"Let me introduce myself ..."
"The way I have fun is to not be me on the internet. Facebook is just for fun and deceiving people about my identity is fun. If I can disrupt people's lives and not get caught … Let me just say its about as enjoyable as playing computer games all day and being payed for it."

Self calibration is, in part, referencing one's identity. Abandonment of this most human of functions surely has consequences. Does it not?

Interrupt disruptors and do so in concert with other well-meaning folk. Especially in the face of manufactured fear mongering.

'Manufactured' memes are recognizable by their repetitive nature. Thus they are less malleable than those of the organic type. Examples abound in the world of 'ownership'.

Optimize 'manufactured meme' recognition? Destructive manipulation may not be too far behind. It is, if you look closely, by design.

"Have I lost you yet?"

"Wait, what?"


© 2011 Buzz Hill 

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