Saturday, August 27, 2011


Seven Percent
"I've been there. Sometimes being highly functional masks the severity of its impact in context for a long time."

"But those very close know. Penetrating denial has patterns too."

"Of course and disruption is a given. The degree to which it is relevant is case dependent. Are you at all concerned?"

As many can attest, a discussion of this type could go on and on. High level systems tend to be less about fault avoidance and more about fault recovery. The bridge, detection. Experience of a global interactive network all but makes such an assertion irrefutable. Empirical evidence the most compelling of all.

But no one contributing to the mission had any illusion regarding how early they were along the emergent pathway. The prototype for their ambitions numbered in the billions already and the full implications of that fact became apparent only recently.

"Remember past attempts at intervention? I am guessing you have learned a lot since the time of the stories you tell about yourself." She new the traces went back six decades and change."

"As Judy Collin's sang, "... from both sides now." But still, science and technology are woefully inadequate to the task. Coded into the tunes of our times however, new answers lie. For we have come a long way, dear Prudence. A long way."

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