Sunday, December 25, 2011

How Game is Played

Sweet Inspiration
"It may not have been his best speech ever. But it was near the top.

"Much has been written about the 'nation's interest'. Most of the best in a time of great peril. War-like peril.

"Profit for the many demands peace. For the few, war or the preparation for it is an all-too-easy path."

But they were not discussing war stuff, at least not the conventional kind. This was a different kind of conflict. The kind that dominated the prevalent narrative.

So, it was fitting the bombshell did not become fully explicit until near the end. Those who had been playing close attention, especially those for a longer period of time than the two month preparation period could see the deeper meaning building as the speech progressed.

The extent to which critical functionality had been outsourced was not at all evident until long after the first  obligatory briefing. Not knowing what is critical. Managers not understanding even why 'game' specific methods of developing strategy are hyper sensitive. Sea legs for newcomers take time to develop.

"Mr. Koch, tear down this wall."

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