Thursday, December 1, 2011

Valuable to Somebody

"Eastern European operations (for example) and high level meetings between offshore transnational military and/or intelligence private contractors to the US Government. Such meetings are secret and can be quasi-legal (depending on geographical scope.) While not held within the borders of the client country, certain loyalties to the government client are overestimated by those responsible for oversight. Yes, K street and the source of their skilled personnel come to mind.

Fred and Joseph?

"Decades of operations in countries notorious for inadequate lighting are furtil ground for nefarious operations projected at great distance. The natural suspects are those with a long track record at dealing with and using propaganda, secret liaison, cutting edge synthetic intelligence etc."

'Hidden Dots", you see, can be at a wide variety of scopes. The competition encourages us to use the historic mechanism to keep things 'fair'. Since that has not worked for a critically long period, it is reasonable to ask whether it is good advice.

Free speech exercised with courage and widespread consensus suggests a constitutional remedy for our governmental lethargy. This is all possible because economically successful businesses around the world support the dilution of the predatory transnationals for a variety of reasons. At first, their support was not as forthcoming because visibility was threatening to their business.

The same mechanisms used by the predatory oligarchy are available to their opponents. The advantage of solidarity is not nearly so effective when competing with an empowered and massive majority.

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