Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not So Dark of Winter

Peace On Earth ...

"With his trusted strategic thinkers outside the confines of the famous bubble, our chief has learned how to get the deceivers publicly contradicting themselves."

"This is turning into gift that giver's will bask in the light of for the foreseeable future. "Can I take a few more bullets for the well-being of sentients?

"I choose to give generously of the better part of me. It's really fun."

The fascinating part of this dialog is how one can separate the speakers from other aspects of their identity and yet see the plausible continuity of each person in their conversation.

Furthermore, certain intentionally disruptive commentary would be in stark contrast to those adequately tuned. That is, to the intentions of the parties to the discussion.

The information density is high here. Apologies to those who are used to a more repetitive approach to discovery. A few enjoy seeing the evolution of these posts. Many others are repelled by it. The author has not come up with an alternative to the process that would serve the purpose, yet.

© 2011 Buzz Hill 

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