Saturday, December 3, 2011


"Not all undercover work is friendly, as all civil disobedience is not universally just.

"And outliers do not define a distribution. Those with a lot of resources under influence have an advantage when pushing one extreme over the other and skewing causal perception. When deception is the coin of the realm, illumination helps."

"Infiltration by good guys is quite a bit different than infiltration by the bad guys. When you think they are opponents and they think they are helping you out of your misguided ways, things get even more confusing."

Will extremists prevail this time around? Not if the majority is engaged, one suspects. If on the other hand, too many are looking for, or willing to accept formulas (often named with a the suffix, ...ism) much value can slip away, unnoticed.

When was the last time your productive dialog was subordinated to 'thought police' manipulating from YOUR side of the fence?

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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