Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Transnational and none of your business.

"I for one, would certainly enjoy being a fly on the wall listening to top secret conversations between the likes of Carlyle and certain SAIC management on the subject of who decides."

"You mean, about the government rather rather than, with the government?"


One definition of transnational is an organizational entity that transcends the authority of nation-states. We are not talking about the United Nations here. It still serves at the discretion of nation-states.

Don't feel less-than because you have not heard of these folk. They use their considerable resources to remain anonymous. Why? Because it easier to operate when not accountable to those who have reason to oppose their missions.

Today's global and universal electronic network (The Net) makes it possible for well-meaning persons to see as never before. The fuel is widespread participation. Laws are malleable as never before. Those that no longer serve fall away quickly. Laws that facilitate collaboration are morphed and combined into a more vibrant whole.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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