Friday, December 9, 2011

You and I are two of the kind.

You too.
There is an intrinsic value to each and every individual identity. The purpose of this collaboration is to discover what it is relative to other valuing mechanisms. It is predicated on the concept of an authenticity continuum where members occupy just the most authentic end.

A sustained two-person productive dialog suggests that two individuals have mutual generic desires and the ability to communicate. A network substantially dedicated to facilitating productive dialogs between nodes (members) is likely to discover and repeatably harvest the highest value for the membership, individually and collectively.

Embedded throughout this log are the fundamentals. The key to unlock them is a work in process. The value in adopting this approach is the protected access it achieves. Think deeply about this. You will discover the concept is not new. In fact, its origins extend back at least through recorded history.

The technical nature of some log pages are mere guideposts in putting together the foundational framework. If one is to look deeper, many paths are converging facilitated by lifelike artifacts. The exponential rise in them has made what is about to happen inevitable.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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