Friday, December 30, 2011


"Advertising and ownership influence over journalistic content. It is no accident. It is why job one for political survival is enough control over the medium of delivery to co-opt editorial control. What to do with that power will be addressed later.

"If that control is coercive and/or short term, society becomes less efficient. If those responsible are not held accountable, they will have to maintain or improve their lot by exploiting those underneath them economically."

Federated is an interesting term in this context. Like money, it may be over abstracted though. Our ambition to use brief handles to apply complex knowledge runs the significant risk that short term thinkers can take control. They do so by taking advantage of unanticipated vulnerabilities.

For instance, the supply chain that produces the capital needed to fuel the Deception Machine is vulnerable. Using the same tactics as the competition, those choosing to 'level the playing field' can choose a vulnerability of the meme delivery mechanism of their opponent.

"Putting them on defense is not the same as the strategy of learning to compete on a field of their choosing. As you may recall, Demming had something to say about this."

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