Thursday, February 23, 2012

Coincidence? Really?

Radioactive Hormuz Pipeline
"The hidden network includes Oil Supply, China, Iran, Alberta, Israel and the conglomerate now famous for its historical invisibility and recently acquired iron grip on a major political party.

"One does not have to travel far from DC to find clear evidence of the hidden 'dots'. The trick is knowing just where in the circle to look and how. Traditional methods for such work are to hire one or more trusted private contractors with experience doing this for a government agency. A clean operation requires a proven resourceful leader. It also is helpful if said person is adept in navigating a corrupted home environment. That is the case, here.

The window of opportunity to easily illuminate the connections to said 'dots' will stay open for several months as opponents are occupied with adjusting their 'cloaking' mechanism. Loyalty networks have been disrupted by the vigorous primary competition and KXL related events."

"When should we pull the SPR trigger then?"

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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