Sunday, February 5, 2012

Indian Wells

"For those paying close attention, it is likely that you will shortly see first hand how important this confrontation is to our opponents and the black ops they've applied in an unprecedented effort to sustain their waning momentum.

"Lets take a look at a list. See if any of these currently resonate:
1) Doctoring of networked health information.
2) Wireless Laptop intercept and/or disruption.
3) Veiled in-person threats. Direct or closely related.

"The mitigating factors include, but are not limited to, high volume of widely distributed targets and insensitivity to secrecy breaches."

A whistleblower at this level is highly unlikely. A mere financial windfall even at the new magnitude is not worth the risk. What can increase the odds of an successful expose' has more to do with the egos of the high-rollers involved. Reckless competition amongst them is a distinct possibility.

The strength of pure hearts working in concert with their intelligent potential robustly engaged is the recreational predator's biggest fear.

 © 2012 Buzz Hill

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