Sunday, February 19, 2012

Manipulation Revisited

"... quietly arrogant, perhaps. Retired now. Honing the image of the consummate manager even as he approaches his eighth decade.

"The meaning of the word political as it applied then was very context dependent (as it is now). Those less familiar with power tend not to see the nuance. Rationalizing systemic corruption as a necessary tactic in the competition?"

His recollection rambled a bit but touched on salient 'self-calibration' issues. Where did that irritability come from? Admitting to her that he was feeling something akin to her periodic "frustration" may well have stimulated the train of thought.

Eyes look out, not in. Seeing others, even in retrospect is an indirect activity that does not readily serve objective self-observation. That being said, thorough practice and empirical methodology can transform such experience into more effective self-reference. Average the filter as it processes many instances to better understand who is observing.

"You over analyze things." 

"Which things did you have in mind?"

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