Sunday, February 26, 2012

Emergent Cognition

"I don't think we can ignore this anymore." He pointed at the system monitor, gently tapping the desk.

Automated visualizations were the sub-system's purpose for being. Most lately were references to implicit conceptual links. The high-level nature of their work was reflected in the abstract nature of the graphics. Yesterday's impromptu brain-storming session was fresh on her mind.

"What to make of 'liquidity' and 'energy', if indeed that was what was symbolized in the display? Though they have tried to bury the family feud that revealed so much, things on the internet are 'written in ink'. The tracks left by reputation scrubbing provide a vivid map for those skilled in investigation. Action, reaction ... simple."

"Blood and Oil, that was the title. November of 2000 was the air date. Pivotal to the story, the brother who had very harsh words to describe his father and two siblings' sense of ethics and its potential impact to their company."

International intrigue cleverly disguised by the best covert operations private money can buy, it seems.

© 2012 Buzz Hill

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