Monday, February 13, 2012

Ugliest Pattern?

"Reproduce before it is best to do so. Fertility in this context is an unmitigated disaster. Timing is crucial to the dance of life
"Maybe some type of simulation? I am sure it has been tried."

'Kicking tires' is what we do, after all. Shopping around the creativity farm, so-to-speak. The role of patterns derived from massive data sets, while a discovery, still critical to the exploding field the team choses to pursue.

Precision sequencing appears to be critical to sustainable biology. When that precision is prone to failure, durable lifetimes require clever self-maintenance. Newly discovered communications primitives become very useful in the understanding of a heretofore unknowable system.

It is as if that the evolution of "I am" was driven by a quest to survive the dark side of high level emergence.

"Obsoleting malignancy sounds more than a little ostentatious ... I like it."
© 2012 Buzz Hill

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