Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Conversation, Productive

When I am 74.
"Eye contact. I felt a real sense that at least one person, yours truly, was experiencing meaningful movement (in the conversation sense) because I was on the spot as presenter and felt engaged with everyone in the room. A small thing to a seasoned speaker. For me, it was a milestone in putting into practice what I had been learning informally from thousands of hours of work. The most rewarding of those hours were spent with people who would, in effect, tutor me in their field of expertise. Scaling up to the next size of early venue ..."

Many of his points had been made elsewhere by others. One said, in effect, 'So what?' The tools of his research, online entities available to everyone (not just a select few). Another said, you shouldn't trust them. Mentioned editing in place. Not much comment.

"Hour and a quarter, three slides. We have seen only two and what have you said?"

On to the last slide to show what had gone into this quest for thinking strategically about our most important mechanism for sharing, communications. There are very successful large corporations whose primary mission is catering to individuals first. They provide tools (almost always free) suitable for countering the misuse of this public resource we often call, The Cloud.

"We don't get it so it must not be research." Claiming to speak for all? Maybe just manipulation ... again.

The counterpoint is that the tools mentioned and the timely opportunities to improve the well-being of humans has created this opportunity only recently. While you may be paid to argue with minions it may not be for the purpose of seeking a better understanding.

The comments were actually typical. But hearing them in this special place and from friends who are not afraid of intellectual confrontation, very helpful. One of the most typical, "conspiracy theory" had evidently already been addressed.

Low risk venues. Learn the issues. Develop a rhythm. Roll it out.

"No, its not done yet, Prudence." She knows, patience is a virtue.

"Not a good idea to expect an entrepreneurial reward for an academic risk, methinks."

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