Monday, December 28, 2009

We, redefined?

... advertising is a much different animal now. Politics is a bit of a laggard but it is morphing into a different critter also. Thanks to the interconnectedness of our technology the old paradigm, "It is what you say" has given way to the new, "It is what we discuss".

The herd mentality that preceded the targeted advertising of Google and Facebook was a product of the constraint of communications (internal and external to individuals). The two aspects of the constraint have not changed much. They say it takes some 50,000 years for evolution to have an impact on the human's architecture. Humanity has reached a tipping point borne of ingenuity though. Our tools now help us 'grok' each other in a way that was not possible beyond the isolated imaginations of years past.

It is fascinating to watch the old school hold desperately to the separation of mind and machine. Science and liberal arts are not to touch in any way. The gods have spoken on this subject. They are not to be questioned.

Not. This 'convenience' is all but obsolete now. Wisdom is not just the rightful property of a select few any longer. It belongs to all ...

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